Be-two Be-Two

christine T.

  • الهدف من الموقع: زواج عادي
  • دولة الاصل: دولة اسيوية
  • دولة الإقامة: دولة اسيوية
  • العمر: 23-27
  • الحالة الاجتماعية: اعزب
  • هل لديك اطفال: لا
  • التعليم: اختصاصات اعلى
  • المهنة: غير ذلك

بيانات خاصة

  • لون العين: اسود
  • لون الشعر: اسود
  • لون البشرة: غير ذلك
  • الطول: متوسط
  • الوزن: خفيف

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معلومات الاتصال

  • البريد الالكتروني: **********
  • رقم الهاتف: **********

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تحدث عن نفسك:

Hello Everybody! I would like to greet all of you around in this site to have a nice life And to have blessings what we have now! Everyone welcome to my space and it seemed I was looking my real partner in life .So I decided searching and to expand my knowledge hoping someday I meet someone who deserving my love and my loyalty .In behalf of my consent I assured u to accommodate or entertain. If I got time on a contrary I believes that people should be treated with respect .We both similar interests. Why I’m here now , I'm good listener and maybe I'll give you some Advice .if you want too I know everyone needs to be happy to love, to lived. And all deserved to be happy. if not be mistaken well its your choice what you want in your life .If you ask me I need to love with some1 who In return to love with me eternity love can give my life completely!.. And I do Believed in Destiny That's All Thank You! Be Happy and God Bless!

اوصف الشخص اللذي تبحث عنه:

People who will hold me when i'm weak. I wanted to meet those who are sensible to talk to, and who are very aware of their limitations in life. Must possess a good sense of humor.. People who can understand what life really means & who are not pretending and not afraid to show who they really are.. People who knows the difference between reality and romance....People who never get tired of new things. People who will inspire me to be the best of who i am, and who will challenge me intellectually and socially. People who will move my heart. those who have the heart of behaving like me.